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We'll attempt to save you money and improve your group health insurance coverage. Rates can change monthly and your current plan may be improved upon for both price and benefits. Please click here: "Group Health" for your easy online quote form .  We would like to mail you a real comprehensive portfolio of all rates and benefits from all the major California health insurance companies.


Good Advice for
Buying Health Care Plans



 Do you have a favorite doctor that you would like to keep? Your answer to this will help you determine whether you need an HMO or PPO.

  • Before calling for quotes, ask your doctor which companies he works with so you won't waste your time with other companies.

  • If you are new to your area make sure there is a good choice of doctors to choose from.



 Decide how important it is to you to be able to move around from one specialist to another. Some plans can make you wait 2 to 3 weeks to see a specialist and limit who you can use.



 How Important is it to have little things covered, like colds or flu? HMO plans can be better for these because you spend less out of your pocket. But PPO plans do cover them also.




 If you only want the large and expensive things covered, then decide how high a deductible (the amount you pay first before the insurance company starts paying) you can handle. The higher the deductible usually means lower insurance premiums.





 How is your current health? Are you over weight? Pregnant? Currently taking expensive medications? Have had a recent surgery? etc. Most companies worry about these things along with many other concerns too. Let the agent or company know these things up front, because good agents know how to direct you to the right company that will take your particular problem.




 Do you like to get alternative kinds of care... like acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, etc? Be sure to ask about how these things are covered because usually these are limited or not covered at all.



 Also be sure to ask about psychotherapy or mental professional services if these are a concern to you. Most plans limit this and you need to know the limitations.




 Have you heard about Health Savings Accounts? Its a new thing where you can save money tax deferred in conjunction with your health insurance. If you are in  high enough tax bracket and don't mind a high enough deductible, its worth asking your agent about it.




 A quick "beware" to you. Every plan out there has exclusions and limitations. Any brochure that you receive has a page or two of them, usually in the back. Look at them and make sure there are no surprises. Most are pretty obvious, like sex changes and liposuction etc., but some may not be so obvious to you.




 Please remember that it doesn't cost you anything "extra" to work with an agent. Agents are on your side and have your best interests at heart. You can never tell when an agent may come to your rescue and tell you things that make it easier for you to make the right decisions.

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